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Our Guiding Principle

For Marketers, the Omnichannel Maturity Model provides a high-level index indicating the degree of standardization, integration and automation of customer-experience data points that are utilized in order to improve the Customer Experience. An Internet search will reveal that many variations of this model exist that are related to the same theme, but there is no universal view that has been established.

Channel-n's Omnichannel Maturity Model focuses on how well both business and communication channels are leveraged toward the outcome of providing a seamless Customer Experience.


Do you know where your brand is located on this model? We can help you. Click here to request a free Omnichannel Maturity assessment.

Omnichannel Maturity Model

An engagement with Channel-n starts with an honest assessment of your brand's present capabilities. Using the assessment's index as a baseline starting point, winning strategies that encompass people, processes and tools are established to fulfill the promise of Omnichannel Maturity.

Our approach is to come to the table with the future in mind, but focused on implementing change that is appropriate for the present. Let us help your brand achieve its Omnichannel Maturity goals.