e-Commerce Integration Demo

Integration with business platforms is critical to understanding each customer's experience, as it happens.

The Channel-n platform is designed to integrate with any platform or data source that provides real-time or batched data as event inputs. Each event input can be used to inform and shape the most optimal response or non-response from the brand.

In our demo, you are able to browse and select some items from our mock online store. Each time you interact with the site in a meaningful way, data from Shopify is being sent to the Channel-n platform and will be evaluated in real-time to determine the next best course of action.

Currently the demo is extremely simple and the outcome you experience will inform us of any areas of interest you may have. By adding one or more items to the cart and going through the mock checkout process, you will give Channel-n enough information to trigger an outcome that reflects your interests.

Of course, you can always request a contact by clicking here.

Please note that we are purposely not using messaging from Shopify to follow up with you. The messages will come from the Channel-n platform as a result of information we collect in your online shopping session.

Please click here to add an item to your cart and submit your mock order which will initiate our response to you.