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Discover the Journey Marketing Portal by Channel-n

This e-Commerce site is for demonstration purposes only.

Channel-n integrates real-time Shopify data into its Customer Journey Orchestration platform. We have set up a demo Shopify store for you to experience how our platform reacts to your actions first hand.

Your online experience here will help you better understand what Channel-n offers. It informs the Channel-n journey logic to execute relevant communications with you as you discover Channel-n's basic offerings.

Adding items into your shopping cart and making a "demo purchase" will cause data to flow instantly into the Channel-n platform. Channel-n to follow up with you regarding the items you have chosen based on our configured journey logic.

The demo purchase is NOT a binding agreement to purchase. There is no payment mechanism activated on this site and you will not be executing a binding agreement by completing the checkout process.

We look forward to activating you in our own customer journey process.

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