Don't let your brilliant strategy die on the whiteboard

Design "what can be delivered" without the usual compromises. Discover Channel-n's Journey Marketing Portal

Use this DEMO e-Commerce site as a way to get to know us. Nothing will be charged or committed by you as a result of your checkout. So go ahead - feel free to add items to your cart and check out if you want us to contact you about our platform and services.

Channel-n integrates real-time Shopify data into its Customer Journey Orchestration platform. We have set up a demo Shopify store for you to experience how our platform reacts to your actions first hand.

Your online experience here will help you better understand what Channel-n offers. It informs the Channel-n journey logic to execute relevant communications with you as you discover Channel-n's basic offerings.

Adding items into your shopping cart and making a "demo purchase" will cause data to flow instantly into the Channel-n platform. Channel-n to follow up with you regarding the items you have chosen based on our configured journey logic.

The demo purchase is NOT a binding agreement to purchase. There is no payment mechanism activated on this site and you will not be executing a binding agreement by completing the checkout process.

We look forward to activating you in our own customer journey process.

The benefits of Science without the Science Project

Journey Marketing is complex in nature. It's our mission to simplify it and make it MORE ACTIONABLE.

Channel-n's Journey Marketing Portal delivers on that mission, and is ready to help you frame-up a marketing strategy that flows directly into practical execution.