Thought Leadership

Having spent years in Strategy and Technology for some of America's largest brands, Channel-n's founders understand the challenges that face today's marketers.

Ad Tech and Mar Tech are converging, and Channel-n is in the middle of it all.

Still, many brands are not able to act on opportunities that require a unified approach from the top of the sales funnel through the full customer lifecycle.

We can help, but we're not an agency. We provide the platform that makes it all a lot easier to define, design, test and deploy.

If it were up to us, all brands would be ready to go to the next level using our platform, but the truth is that with most brands, there is some form of preparation that needs to take place before this can happen. This is where we can provide our greatest value.

We are in business primarily to license our Customer Journey Portal to brands seeking a better way to relate to their customers. Our thought leadership services are meant to be short-term in nature and we work with both agencies and in-house teams to get things going.

Our Value Proposition